Our Story

Having faced with the dilemma about what to wear, I Gautam Bhatheja (founder) wanted to show myself in some new trendy casuals, different from what I have ever tried before but neither there was any platform nor there existed any smartphone application that could be of any help for this cause. Being a flabbergasted and a little self-conscious, I did manage to observe and glean upon the patterns emerging and revealing about the dynamic that directly or indirectly affects the ways about how people choose to dress. The most repetitive pattern that I or anyone can easily observe is that one is influenced to dress similarly to the crowd he/she is surrounded with and most of the times (usually under the approval of friends or family) it ends in them purchasing the same boring outfit/product that the person happened to observe in the first place.

Committed to assuage the aforementioned problem I along with a close friend of mine embarked on this venture that generated dressing suggestions for the fashion enthusiasts and with the flow of time and our full-fledged commitment AMOGUE came into existence and every single day, our team works and strives to provide its users with the best experiences and choices to avail merch from!!