Frequently asked questions

General questions

Amogue (Your fashion Assistant) is an Android Application, that will look after all your style needs.
It's simple – while you register, we will ask you about your body features like shape, height, complexion etc. after that the looks catalogue that will be made visible to you that shall pertain to the styles you will look great in / pull off as according to our experts here at Amogue. Then we will provide you with the link to shop the closest similar product (if not the same as displayed) for every look that you like/choose.
You will be automatically directed to the shopping portal just as soon you click on the product you like.
Our experts here at Amogue are consistently working day and night to make your experience better and hassle free. Do contact us at any point of time and we will be happy to help.
Amogue is not accountable for any procedures related to the purchase and post-purchase of goods.

Amogue App

Amogue process the data that it takes from you while registering, give you the best possible whole outfit looks that will look good on you.
No, but we will be able to assist you better if you will tell us right answers for the questions framed by our experts.
You will be purchasing from the respective shopping portals that you will be directed to. Hence, mode of payments shall depend on the respective shopping portals only. How can I make payment for purchase?